Why such a name for this project?

One could simply answer that it is a tribute to the type of boat chosen. But it goes far beyond that. Be Creative wants to give back its place to the human-machine-nature equation.It is not necessary to constantly build new

prototypes reserved for an elite to master the oceans. Offshore racing must remain a place of adventure where man and nature tame each other. It must also allow people to become aware of our environment. This is why Be Creative has chosen to defend a cause (link to organ donation page) with a boat that has a history while training new sailors

Creative 42

The Creative 42, designed by Dick Newick, left the Jeloux shipyards in 1982. Built in 4 examples, 3 remain today in perfect condition. Jacques’ boat quickly left for the USA where it distinguished itself in several local races and in the Caribbean. 40 years later, it comes back « home ».

42-foot epoxy wood sailboat, it was equipped with a pivoting wing mast, foils and the West System process since its inception. Very advanced for its time, it was built to last. This alert forty-year-old is therefore synonymous with sustainability and circular economy.

Demanding but not too, this boat is also suitable for training new sailors so that the passion is passed on to future generations.

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To complete his dream, Jacques created the H2O-racing structure. She is in charge of managing all the logistics necessary for the success of such a project. »

Creative 42