With a slightly provocative slogan, I want to raise public awareness of organ donation and then invite them to express their opinion and position openly to their relatives. Let’s be clear, it is not a question of judging the motivations of each person but of ensuring that the choice of donors can be respected. Even in the most “advanced” countries in this area, the transplant rate is particularly low.

When a family is indeed confronted with the premature and sudden death of one of its members, it is difficult to make the decision of organ donation or to accept the choice of the deceased.

By declaring themselves early, potential candidates – that is, all of us – can free families from this difficult decision and make their motivations clear to those around them in order to avoid opposition at the time of transplantation.


This decision ultimately saves lives.

The “Afterwards it’s too late” campaign, punctuated by conferences and presentations, aims to help raise public and media awareness of this vital issue. Through my last successful adventure, I was able to demonstrate that it is possible to be transplanted and to continue to lead an intense life, notably punctuated by sporting challenges.