Passionate about sliding sports since the early 80s, windsurfing, winter stick… (ancestor of snowboarding) – Jacques hastens from the age of 18 to pass his airplane and hang-gliding license simultaneously… One day, a friend calls him and told him to come and see what is happening in Mieussy… The start of paragliding! it was on this path that he created his own free flight equipment company in 1984. He worked for Firebird, Paratech, Sup’air and JDC Electronic.

Quickly at ease in coaching, he became the Team Leader of the Swiss hang-gliding team, a team he accompanied to the Worlds in Australia, Japan and Brazil in particular. With this experience he will create with Xavier Raymond and Eric Escoffier the future PWCA – paragliding world cup still perennial to this day, the passion continues.

Jacques still flies a paraglider and a rigid ATOS VQ hang glider and built himself a 3-axis Savannah S ULM in 2021 and has more than 200 hours to date with this beautiful machine.

Fligth with Ultralight F-JHEQ

Flight ATOS VQ – Lanzarote

Flying paraglider with chase cam 

Do not hesitate to contact him so that he can make you taste the joys of flight.